At TradeToro it only takes these five steps to begin your journey as a Bitcoin trader:

  1. Open a Bitcoin trading account with TradeToro
  2. Deposit some funds in your account
  3. Select either Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or BTC (Bitcoin)
  4. Deposit the amount you’d like to invest in your account
  5. Start trading and decide to go short (Sell) or go long (Buy)

There is no question that BTC has become the biggest and most famous form of crypto and digital currency throughout the world. It’s all the rave now! Traders can now easily start trading their Bitcoins with TradeToro as the perfect investment vehicles in Contract for Difference (CFD) trading. With our cutting-edge and simplified trading platform, there is no limit to how fast you can trade your Bitcoin against other currencies, every day, nonstop.

But Why Opt for TradeToro?

That’s a good question – and here are the answers:

  • The Bitcoin CFD trades that TradeToro offers allow for up to 1:20 leverage
  • Don’t have enough funds? Don’t worry about it – at TradeToro you can start your BTC trading with as little as $250
  • Access to volatility through our platform will make for an ideal addition to your trading portfolio
  • In case of downward trends, you can short your BTC and earn a profit even when prices are falling
  • Native language, 24/7 customer and technical support at your disposal
  • 3-click trade execution (yes, that’s just how simple our trading platform is!)
  • We provide state-of-the-art security and protection against hacking and data theft

The Popularity of Bitcoin: How Did it Become the Foremost Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency created. However, it also grew to become the most respected, most traded as well as most capitalized digital currency across the world.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin trading is on a constant rise – and one of the main reasons is the intricate volatility of the digital currency. With plenty of ups and downs, you can trade BTC for a massive yield thanks to this volatility.

This is exactly why traders around the world absolutely love trading BTC. On the other hand, the media has also made a vital contribution to Bitcoin’s popularity and volatility. You can say it almost mirrors that of the stock exchange. For example, whenever you see you a breaking story emerging, the BTC volatility quickly surfaces – which is a time to cash in!

If history has revealed anything, it is that BTC traders habitually tug this cryptocurrency to the front lines of CFD trading. It is no surprise that Bitcoins are also being used as a popular form of transaction. You can buy products and services online and simply pay for it using your BTC. The best part: It’s legal, people are doing it, and it’s unregulated by any country’s institutions.

Bottom Line

The market is fresh for the picking! Don’t hesitate and become a part of the TradeToro community!